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My Story

I've always had a very good eye for detail, naturally. I used to challenge myself to see how close I could make a pencil drawing look like a photo.  You can see my work throughout my website, including this painting of our pet chihuahua; Lili, that I made using coloured pencils and acrylic paint on black board. 

Having achieved my Certificate III in Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design helped me immensely, not only to learn the tricks of the trade, perfecting my drawing skills, but I also learned about digital design. 

In the workplace, working as Quality Control in the Printing Industry for many years, I gained the nickname of Eagle Eye, because nothing could get passed me. Some of the clients for this large Printing company I worked for included: Optus, Westpac, ANZ, Allianz, Suncorp, and the Department of Education. I picked up any mistakes before the jobs reached the clients.

These days I see a lot of websites with typographical, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Many people will judge us by the way we speak and write, so websites with spelling errors are seen as less professional. It occurred to me that I'd be the perfect person to fix these websites. With my background in Graphic Design, and my skills, I can help business owners, and anyone with an online presence make sure that your website, blog, or social media content is as perfect and free of errors as it should be.

I can also give you tips and advice on how to make your website look amazing! Or if you'd like a new website, I can help you with that too!

Let’s Work Together

PO Box 155 HAZELBROOK 2779 Australia

Tel: 0400 252 868

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