I built this website as a way to exhibit my body of work that has evolved over the years; from photo realistic pencil drawings of famous people -in the early days-, then nature artworks in acrylics and watercolour that I exhibited locally in the Blue Mountains, to character design and illustrations for children's books when I was offered an opportunity to illustrate the cover and illustrations for "Thir Franthith Thnake"; a book now published by Piggy Trotters. 

Then came Gorinjas" by Mark Lancaster, and Jenolan the Dragon by Ben. I worked together with the authors and listened to what they wanted so I could bring to life what they could see in their imagination.

After creating characters for 3 different authors of children's books, an idea came to me one day as I was working at a part-time job which was so tedious, my mind wondered off into my imagination. I love possums, English bone china teacup sets, and home decorating, so I started to imagine what the home of a possum would look like if I could take a peek through a hole in the tree where they live... and that's how I created Poppy the Pygmy Possum. "Sweet Dreams" was the first of the series. The watercolour illustration allows the viewer to see Poppy sleeping in her beautiful bedroom through a hole in the tree. This illustration won me an award for "Best Subject/ Genre" at the Winmalee Artfest 2016, for which I'm forever grateful to the judges that loved my work so much 🙏

Other scenes and ideas flooded my imagination. I was able to put on paper my second illustration "Baking cupcakes"; a very cute Poppy in her kitchen baking, and you can see what her home looks like in the inside, with stairs going up, and stairs going down to different rooms inside the tree.

 "Tea Party" is the 3rd illustration on the series of Poppy the Pygmy Possum, and shows Poppy and her possum friends having a tea party in their pyjamas at her home. 

Originals are not for sale, but If you're interested in prints from my originals, please contact me with your quality preferences for details. 
Framed limited edition prints of Poppy the Pygmy Possum as shown in photos below are $195 each

At my home studio
Adding red gouache to my pencil drawing
Winmalee Artfest 2016 Award
Holding my award for "Sweet Dreams"
Poppy the Pygmy Possum Entries
3 Illustrations in watercolour
@ Springwood Art Show 2016
Thank you to my husband James for supporting me always 💕
@ Gallery One88, Katoomba
Proud moment exhibiting my artworks
@ The Age Gallery, Katoomba
Mixed exhibitions with BMAN (Blue Mountains Artists Network)
Holding "Marisabel" (Beauty of the sea)
The first drawing I entered in exhibitions
@ Sassafras Exhibition 2015
At Sassafras Creek Cafe, mixed exhibition with BMAN (Blue Mountains Artists Network)
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At my home studio

Adding red gouache to my pencil drawing