Author: Mark Lancaster/ Illustrator: Inma Vassar


"When I had my first manuscript assessed, I was advised to include illustrations in my book for some of the martial arts techniques I write about. I was very glad to find Inma through the IndieMosh list of recommended experts. She was very patient with me, given that it was my first time working with an illustrator. Inma is talented and professional, always being very proactive and methodical in her approach. We collaborated on ideas, until we reached a consensus on what each character should look like, and exactly what techniques the illustrations needed to portray. I would have no hesitation in recommending Inma’s work".  

Mark Lancaster (author of” GORINJAS – the beginning”)

THIR FRANTHITH THNAKE: An Unauthorised Biography

Author: Piggy Trotters/ Illustrator: Inma Vassar



"I recently had the great pleasure in working with Inma on the illustrations for my recently published book. Inma is delightful and so easy to work with. She had the uncanny ability to translate my difficult descriptions of what I wanted, into exactly what was in my mind. My second book is well advanced and I will be engaging Inma again to complete the illustrations for that."   

Piggy Trotters (author of Thir Franthith Thnake)

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